Malaysian Bride History- The Man Makes his way To The Bride’s House

Each malaysian ceremony convention carries with it a strong significance and meaning. While they may not both been practiced nowadays, it is important to realize that these rituals and ceremonies play a major role in the Malay person’s rich cultural heritage.

The Bridegroom Makes his way To The Bride’s House

Once the wedding has received permission to enter the bride’s home from her wali or kismat, he will be accompanied by a kompang ( cymbal- conquering rally) adorned with bunga manggar, finger petals crafted of tinsel on bamboo poles that signify fertility and prosperity. His friends and family will also have bunga rampai, a concoction of flowers and pandan leaves that symbolize the child’s blessings.

Before the man is allowed to see his wife, he does be stopped by relatives and friends who may issue him with things such as reciting pantuns, forking out income, dancing or singing. This is known as the hadang or gatecrashing festival. Upon successfully completing these challenges, the groom will be granted permission to enter the couple’s home and get her mas kahwin, a enforced gift that signifies his duty to provide for her and his new household.

Once he has entered the house, the groom will be welcomed with a makan bersanding where guests and members of both families will serve the newlyweds. This is a chance for the family to thank them for their hospitality as well as to offer their best wishes and blessings to the couple.

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